The End

The Freezer is finally ready to go. A few lucky literary agents have already been queried.

While I was working on this manuscript, my family lived through pregnancy and childbirth, kids with weird diseases, a mom with a ruptured tendon, surgery to repair it, another surgery to fix the results of the first surgery, a dad going on many more business trips than usual, a drive to Ohio, a construction project, a month of houseguests, and for the last week or two, the baby's been teething. That's my excuse for why it took so long. I've probably forgotten a few things.

But our baby is lots of fun, even when he's grumpy. Maybe I'm finally getting the hang of being a dad.

Now for the next novel...

p.s. I didn't write "The End" at the end of The Freezer. It didn't seem appropriate. It rarely does.


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