We won!

Go Team Krista!

I was a pawn participant ;) in a competition (The Writer's Voice) between four writers to see who could pick and coach the most other writers into successfully grabbing a literary agent's attention. Except it was more organized than I just made it sound. See here for a complete explanation.

Anyway, Krista Van Dolzer picked me to be on her team, and we won! She did a great job helping me improve my query and did the same for the other ten on the team as well. It was a huge time investment for all the coaches. Thank you, ladies!

And what else did I get? Votes from two agents, which translates to a request for more material. I also got a whole lot of nice comments from other people in the contest. Take a look at my original entry here (if you haven't already) on my blog, and then read the new and improved version here on Krista's blog. Full results are here.


  1. Love the rewrite! That's an awesome query! Good luck on the requests.

  2. Congratulations! Good luck with your submissions.

  3. Congrats! Best of luck submitting. Lately I'm not even letting myself think about submitting by telling myself I'm just going to self-publish. What a horrible thing, querying. The worst.


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