I'm Still Here, or An Update on The Freezer

I think I've got things figured out, again. Writing has gotten easier. Life is still busy. I don't have much else to say. I just thought I'd post something here to let my loyal fans know what I'm up to.

Twenty-eight thousand words. That's what I'm up to on The Freezer. Some of them are really good. Most of them make sense. If you were to ask me what this story is about, I'd ask how many words you want the answer in.

One word: Hope

One sentence: It's about a father and daughter facing the end of the world by building a spaceship out of a freezer.

More: It's the story of a man torn between his wife, who's on her way to another planet, and his six-year-old daughter, who wasn't allowed to make the trip. It's about parenting, futility, and the collapse of society. It's about religion, hypocrisy, and whether lying to your child is really ever a good thing. It's about hope in a hopeless situation and what it really takes to turn a freezer into a spaceship.

And that's just the first 28k words!


  1. Intriguing premise. The homemade spaceship reminds me of The Astronaut Farmer, but one thing I loved about that movie was that I could never quite tell where it was going. I'm sure THE FREEZER will be the same way.

  2. So what does it take to make a space-ship out of a freezer, really?

  3. Wow. That sounds like an amazing story. Press on so we get a chance to read it some day.

  4. OK, I'm hooked. Good luck on the writing.

  5. Saw your last post about why this book is so hard to write. My last book was a walk in the park compared to my current project. I secretly believe that it's because my current project is better. It's definitely more accessible. Perhaps I'm reaching farther so readers don't have to. But that's just what I tell myself. Of course I have moments of fear (okay, more than moments) that I'm struggling at something that isn't worth it. That what I'm putting out will read as stilted and clunky as the process.

    I don't know. I want an answer, I want peace, but it's just silent.

    The other thing I tell myself: my concept is sound. And so is yours.

    And if it is all a failure, well. It's not like we could have quit, right? I can't quit. I would never forgive myself.

  6. Jaimie, I like what you say about reaching farther. I feel the same way, or have the same hope. Same fear, too. As for stilted and clunky, we can fix it in editing, right? That's what I tell myself.

  7. I think you have some of the most unique, meaningful, awesome ideas for stories.

    You'll get it to where you want it to be, it just may kick your ass along the way.

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