I Have No Idea

No idea what to write a blog post about. So I'll just share a bit of my current project, which is taking way too long and may be the hardest thing I've ever written.

The hardest to get right, I mean. Oh, it's a glorious, wonderful story in my mind. On paper, so far, it's dark and hopeless and introspective. Getting it where I want it to end will be an adventure. Sometimes I wonder if it's possible. Passages like the one below are what give me hope.

(But it's completely out of context, so if it doesn't sound as good to you as it does to me, that's no surprise.)

“I know there’s little time left,” Will said, the quality of his voice melting my retort. “There will come a moment when she needs you more than air, when the world is falling apart around her. She’ll need to be able to look into your eyes, hear you say everything will be alright, and have absolute trust that it will be.”
The first syllable of a laugh escaped my lungs. “But you just said not to lie. How can I tell her…”
“That’s your other problem. You have to believe it yourself.”
“But it won’t be alright. The world’s going to end, for crying out loud.” I folded my arms and looked back over my shoulder to be sure Mandy wasn’t hearing this. I had to swallow hard as her tiny hands built another small mound of dirt.
“It'll be alright.” Will’s whispered response sent a chill through my body like an early spring breeze. “But if all your lies are blown open on the ground around you when that moment comes, your little girl will die alone and afraid.” He rested his hand on my shoulder again, lightly this time. “And so will you.”
The hand withdrew and then the man, back to his little utility vehicle. Its springs creaked as he settled into the seat. “That’s what happened to me,” he said. “That’s why I’m alone, but you don’t want to hear that story, do you. Just don’t ever doubt that I know for myself, Thane Ryder.”


  1. Thane Ryder? Any relation to Flynn?

  2. So, I had to google Flynn Ryder, and no. No relation. Also a different spelling, apparently. But there is a real person in WV named Thane Ryder. Also no relation.

  3. UNREAL awesome.

    What I find is that I write all the parts that are easiest for me first - that's the high points in relationships.

    That kiss scene I had on my blog is one of the first things I wrote on my current project. I've written and edited all of the really big, poignant moments in that story.
    Now I need to go in and add some of the action, and some of the parts that didn't come with my first thought of the story.

    SO. You're simply writing first, the parts that come easiest to you.
    I think this is going to be amazing.
    AND I can't wait to see what agent picks you up.


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