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So, work. I spent two years on reduced hours with barely enough work to do. I took over the jobs of three other people who were laid off, and still had barely enough to do. Well, now we've got as much work as the company has ever had AND I'M STILL SUPPOSED TO DO FOUR JOBS! AAAAAA!

(Those jobs, in case you're curious, are Technical Writer (my real job), graphic designer, and two quality assurance jobs.)

Aside from that, I've suddenly got tons of scouting- and church-related meetings. The upshot of all this is that I sent out eight queries about Drivers more than three weeks ago and haven't gotten around to sending out any more. At all.

(Because it takes me half an hour to send out a query, and who has time for that? I have to check and double-check each agent's email address. Visit their website and double-check submission guidelines. Read their bios, search Google for interviews, see if they're on twitter, write a personalized message, rewrite if five times, ask my wife if it's any good, read the email over and over and over again, hold my breath, and click send. Then I hyperventilate for a few minutes before starting on the next one.)

But I did rewrite my query. Again. (Click on the Drivers tab above if you're interested in seeing it.)

And then there's this thing I'm thinking of doing to the ending to make it better. That's next on my list.

I wrote the first page of The Freezer but got it all wrong and couldn't continue. I have to figure it out before next month, because this will be my first chance at doing NaNoWriMo! I've always been at the editing stage of novels in years past, and I'm not about to draft a new novel just for the heck of it. So the timing is good.

Or will be if I can figure out the first page.

And I bought my wife a new camera for her birthday. And she just barely got a brand-new thirty-year-old Squeezo Strainer.


  1. You're going to make the ending better???? I can't imagine how. Be sure to leave an opening for a sequel ;).

  2. I don't think I've ever started a book on the first page.

    Well . . . maybe one.
    But that's it.

    Have fun in nano :D I did it last year. Mike rolled his eyes and asked how it was different from every other month I crank out a ridiculously messy rough draft that may or may not turn into something.

    Have fun with it :D

    I do the SAME thing with queries. The hyperventilating part went away after a while.
    But yeah - I double-checked EVERYTHING, and it does take forever to send out each one if you're doing it right.

    Best of luck to ya. I can't wait to see how your nano project goes.


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