Raindrops on Roses

I could have titled this post "My Favorite Posts," but that wouldn't have been nearly obscure enough. This is a flashback episode. You know how some TV shows have episodes where the main character is hooked up to a neural-whatever or stuck in a coma and forced to relive ten-second snippets of past episodes? That's what I'm doing here. Except I'm not going to quote old blog posts, I'm simply going to link to them. That way, you can avoid the pain of rereading stuff you've already read. Ready set read. (Read is a weird word.)

My favorite things I've written on this here blog in no particular order:

The Hunger Games and King David:  What do those have to do with each other? Thou art the audience. Why I will never see the movie.

Author Interview: Myself: In which I interview myself. Funny, if I do say so myself.

The Old Gray Goose:  The sad story of our widowed goose. Writing it made me cry.

The LDS Writer Blogfest: The Atonement Covers All Pain:  A bit of what my religion means to me. A unique post on this blog, and by far the most viewed.

To Kill A Mockingjay:  How do you recover from destroying your main character? Fast forward! (Yes, I did still read the whole series.)

The Heart as a Compass:  Why I write what I write.

Thirteen Reasons:  Snarky critique from someone who knows something about this popular novel's subject matter.

The Worth of a Word:  In which I actually post pictures. That I took. And tell why a picture is NOT worth a thousand words.

The Teen Disease:  One of the first posts I wrote. It's about how important the teenage years really are and in the form of a letter to my past self.

There are plenty of other posts I like, some more than some of these. I just don't want anyone reading them. Now don't you want to go find out why?

Ha! Just kidding. Sort of.


  1. I feel so cool because I think I've read all, or almost all, of your favorite posts :D

    THAT'S happy :D

  2. Okay, Ben. Seriously. Now I can't get that dang song out of my head.
    And that's all.

  3. Ooh, me, too, Jolene! But there are a few I don't recognize, so I'll have to check those out...

    P.S. I find it fascinating that your LDS Writer Blogfest post is your most-viewed post. I've noticed the same thing. Despite all the agent interviews and blog contests I've done, that post on President Eyring's talk consistently pops up in my weekly top ten.

    P.S.S. Saw DRIVERS on Sarah LaPolla's blog today. So awesome!

  4. I like the LDS post. I had been wanting to read a post like that so I was glad to find it. (I'm always curious to see what other Christians think about their faith.)


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