Lookin' Out My Backdoor

(Doo doo doo. Anyone else hearing CCR?)

I love the sky. Whenever you step outside, it's half the world, and it's never the same from one day to the next, one hour to the next. And when it is, everyone gets depressed because it's usually due to fog, smog, or living someplace where it's constantly overcast. Why would anyone do that?

Here in beautiful Cache Valley, if you don't like the sky, wait five minutes. (Okay, that's what they say about weather. It's sort of a joke. It's actually true about the sky.) Even on days when there's not a cloud in sight, you still get to watch night descending like a curtain in the west or rising in the east. I didn't notice this until I was in Australia and away from my mountains. The flat land and clear air made it easy to see the shadow of the horizon on the sky, but it happens here as well.

The sky is a canvas on which God paints an ever-changing mural to reach through our eyes and into our hearts. Do you ever feel like you can't look fast or wide enough to take in a rushing sunset or flaming sunrise? That's when I grab a camera. Usually, I step out onto our back deck.

Sometimes I step onto the front porch.


  1. Beautiful! I totally miss Cache Valley now :(

  2. Wow. That's amazing.

    When i went on a sailing trip with my parents, both Mom and I took SO many sky and sunset pictures that every time we'd run on deck with our cameras we got scoffs from my husband, and my dad. BUT we got some AMAZING shots.

    Worth the ridicule ;D

  3. How AMAZING is that first photo!!!!!! and heh heh, that's what they say about the weather here in Cleveland!

  4. You have a gift! ...or two, or three;).


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