The First Line

I don't exist anymore.

That's it. The first line of Drivers. This story at once challenges and excites me. Maybe it's not the greatest first line. It's short. It doesn't tell you anything. It almost doesn't exist itself. But I LIKE it. The protagonist and narrator Ash is sarcastic, funny, and feeling intense pain. The other protagonist Zephyr is a major presence, physically and psychologically. I'm still figuring her out, but she's smart, intense, and also funny.

Man, I love writing.


  1. Gotta love a character that cannot be... but is ;)

  2. Nice. I have a hard time with first lines. (I found you through Krista. I'm helping her with the Mormon Writers Blogfest.) Good to meet you.

  3. Yep, Elaine, I love 'em all.

    Hi, Kayeleen. Nice to meet you, too! Thanks for stopping by. Hey, you're follower number thirty!

  4. I LIKE it! It packs a suspenseful punch! Have fun creating your characters.


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