DRIVERS: A Pitch for an Unwritten Book

Ash is stuck in a dead-end job, but he’s changed his mind about dying. He’s basically a suicide bomber. Not the terrorist, strap-a-bomb-around-your-chest sort of bomber. He works for our side, the good guys. He drives a heavily armed vehicle on missions too dangerous to send soldiers.

Too dangerous to send anyone, actually. That’s why they’re supposed to be unmanned robotic vehicles. No one on the outside even knows Ash and his fellow drivers are inside the mobile coffins.

Yeah. And he works for the “good guys.”

Ash knew full-well that it was a suicide job. He was planning to kill himself, anyway. Might as well make a butt-load of cash doing it. At least his parents would be better off.

But Ash discovers two things that make him rethink his death wish. He's very good at staying alive, and maybe someone loves him, after all.

It’s Zephyr, another driver. She’s cute. She understands him. Thankfully, she’s also good at surviving suicide missions. They quickly run up against the downside of their employee agreement.

They can't quit.

They know too much about the operation, and there's a lot of money and criminal charges riding on keeping its secrets. To keep the love and the future they've found together, Ash and Zephyr must escape.

The only way out of the compound is inside a coffin with a hair-trigger self-destruct—a mobile arsenal that everyone thinks is unmanned and will be told is out of control.

DRIVERS is a (what? Thriller? Sci-fi? Romance?). Not even started, yet.


  1. Nice! Good idea. I'd say it's a thriller.

  2. Umm....hmmmm.... I think thriller too actually!

  3. An action packed thriller! Sounds exciting.

  4. I love it!! If you set it in the future, it could be all three of those.

  5. Thanks guys! I'm really excited to start working on it, but also a little intimidated. Time to start researching.


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