A Rerun!

Because no one read it the first time! You jerks!

I'm just gonna post a link to the post that I want to rerun. So go back in time and enjoy a boring post that only a nerd could enjoy. If you're a nerd, of course. Actually, it's mostly a video.

It's funny, because when I wrote Drivers I ended up using that interface that you see in the video, (minus the swaths of red that indicate obstacles.) The drivers see a yellow path to mark where they're going. Nice, eh?  But that's only on autopilot, when the computer is driving. When they're driving, there's nothing.

Kind of like life.


  1. I never get to drive Ted. How come? Also, you really need help with Garage Band. Like, really.

  2. Because you're always gone when we do demos. And are you offering?


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