These Three

I've been thinking about three things that are important to me: hope, trust, and love.

They go together like peanut butter and honey, bread and butter, or bread and peanut butter and honey (and butter, for some people.)


Well, here's what I've learned:

Hope needs an accompanying preposition—for. We hope for something specific. Without that, it's a feeling of optimism, not real hope.

Likewise, trust must always be in someone or something. To do any good, trust must also be strong enough to allow action.

Without trust, there can't be hope. Without hope, trust is useless.

For example, if I have trust in a medical treatment and hope for a cure, I'll complete the treatment even if it's unpleasant. If I lack either trust or hope, I'm not likely to endure the discomfort.

Things don't always go as planned. You can have trust in someone and hope for something, but the selfish choices, conflicting desires, mistakes, and offenses of other people will erode them. Hope and trust are positive ways of thinking, easily damaged by negative feelings. Love replaces those negative feelings with understanding, forgiveness, and peace. It drives out enmity and creates within us an environment where hope and trust can thrive.

It's been my experience that we all place our hope, trust, and love somewhere. We can certainly hope for, trust in, and love many different things, but life is so much better when these three travel together.


  1. So I just stumbled a pound you blog.It's funny because I am an Imaginary friend.I'm just writing a blog about my creator.I like your blog!Keep it up and check out my or my creator!☽

  2. You survived depression? I "hope" I can.
    It is hard.
    I write to survive...I would love for to read my snarky blog from today.
    Good luck to us all.


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