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That's what I am: completely post title. Like, titles were so three months ago. You know, the last time I posted to my blog. Was that three months ago? That's what it feels like without checking the dates.

But I'm not going to apologize for not posting. It's not like I ever promised to post. It's not like you paid to read this blog. And it's not like you've been sitting there thinking, "I wish Ben would post something. He always has the most helpful, funny, and heartwarming things to say."

Yes, instead of apologizing, I'm going to offer excuses, in no particular order:

1.  I went to Pennsylvania on a business trip for two weeks. I ate in nice restaurants and seedy little holes, and they all had great food. I managed not to gain any weight, so congratulations to me. Lancaster county is a nice place, and I got to pop over to my sister's house in New Jersey and help clean up after the storm. Still, the trip started right after...

2.  My wife cut a tendon in her little finger. I won't embarrass her by mentioning that she did it while carving a jack-o-lantern, which always elicits the suggestion that she use one of those little purpose-made pumpkin saws—which barely cut pumpkins, let alone fingers—and then require the response that we already have some of those and they were sitting within arms reach at the time of the accident.

Anyway, the second joint of your little finger might not seem important, but it is if you play the piano and violin. So she had surgery to fix it the day after I left on my trip and hasn't been able to use her right hand for almost a month.

3.  That means I'm supposed to fix dinner.

4.  But I've been working longer hours than normal since before my trip.

5.  And before that I rode my bike to work a few times.

6.  Okay, so that's all my excuses.

7.  I'm still working on a wonderful, life-changing novel.

(Wow, that may have been a bit of an overstatement.)

8.  And our poor widowed goose was killed and then eaten by a stray dog. At least, I sure hope it was a stray, because if it ever comes back...


  1. I'm so sorry about your wife's finger. I hope that it heals completely and she can go back to playing soon. Maybe your poor widowed goose is with with her husband in goose heaven. Hope life gives you a break soon.

  2. Pretty good excuses.

    You are such a great husband. Not embarrassing your wife by telling us she hurt her finger carving pumpkins. :) I'm surprised more of us haven't gotten cut carving pumpking. Sometimes that knife does slip. Hopefully she's back to normal sooner than later.

  3. Oh! That makes so sad! Did he have a happy year until he got killed? ...that would make me less sad.

  4. My last novel died. Sadly. I admire how you just start up a new project, and I'm trying to get there. I think there's a mourning period; at least I hope that's what this is. I don't know. Let me stop before this turns into a confessional.

    Your blog is a month old. Update it!


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