Late at Night

It's ten thirty, and I'm still awake. Time was I could stay up past midnight, and often did. I used to work swing shift, for cryin' out loud. Worked until midnight, then came home and talked with my wife until two or three in the morning. That was before our first baby came along.

I got used to writing in the early morning. I'd get up at five and write until seven or a little after. Made me late for work a few times when I got on a roll.

But as the days gave way to long winter darkness, it wasn't working for me anymore. So I switched to nights this week. So far, it's working pretty well.

Besides, my narrator is writing his letters late at night. This gets me in the same frame of mind. Everything feels different at night. Bleak and impatient.

Sunsets always look different than sunrises, even though they're both the same basic phenomenon.

Last time I tried writing at night, it didn't last long. We'll see if I can convert back into a night person again.


  1. I prefer to do my writing at night, I'm too grumpy in the morning :-)

  2. Funny how our writing routines ebb and flow with the rhythm of our lives. I was a morning writer when my oldest was a baby, but now I do most of my writing during naptime or after the kids have gone to bed.

  3. I am so not a night person. I usually write from 8-9pm because that's when the kids are in bed. After nine I'm a zombie.

  4. I much prefer to be a morning person, but if I want to see my husband - and I totally do - I need to be up at night, not early in the morning.
    He has slowly converted me to a night person, but I'm WAY more productive when I can get up early.

    Good luck on your project and your schedule :D

  5. I agree about the sunrise/set differences; they *feel* different to me, too. Sunrise defeats me but sunset feels magical, like the world is, for a brief moment, filled with promise...

    I prefer writing in the wee hours of the morning. It's quiet then, innit?


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