What is it about this freezer story that makes it so hard to write? SOMEBODY TELL ME!

Is it because I'm trying too hard? (That's what Ammii just suggested.)

Is it because I don't know the characters well enough?

Is it because there's not a lot of action?

Is it the format, writing the whole thing in the form of letters?

Is it paranoia?

Do I just suck?

Is it because I didn't spend enough time outlining?

Is it because trying to do nanowrimo psyched me out?

Is it because I took a wrong turn somewhere?


Maybe I'm just spoiled after having such an easy time on the last book.

Or maybe I remember it wrong, and it wasn't that easy.


Any other ideas? Aliens stole my brain?


  1. Sorry to hear this one isn't coming together quite as smoothly. If I were you, I'd definitely blame it on the aliens:)

  2. Your evil-bully-voice is playing a broken record of the same song over and over in your head? I've got one of those.

  3. It's the iMac. It's tainting your chi.

  4. I go up and down on every project.

    Sometimes I need time away from the project. Sometimes I need to plow through even though it's painful.

    Sometimes i just need to ask myself - then what? over and over and over and over.

    maybe this is a short story? Has that ever occured to you?
    Or did my comment make you want to hurl your computer (or mine) out the closest window?


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