Almost There

I printed out a copy of my manuscript and marked it up while reading it aloud. This morning I moved most of those changes to the computer. I'll finish up tonight or tomorrow, and then there's another change I'm thinking about making.

And then I'll be done.

And then I start looking for someone who can sell it to a publisher for me. I am both eager and reluctant to begin this process.

Someone should invent a machine for it. Writers could slide their pretty manuscripts into a slot, and in three seconds the machine would spit it back out along with a slip of paper like an ATM receipt. It would have the name of the very best agent for you or it would say, "Sorry, please try again."

No waiting. No wondering. No shadowy doubts lurking backstage.

But that's impossible, soforgetIevenmentionedit. I love waiting!

It's the wondering I don't like.


  1. I think your machine would be a hit--if you need something to do while you're waiting and wondering, you should invent it! ;)

    Best of luck in your query process!

  2. Wouldn't that be awesome! My son wants to be an inventor, I'll put him right on it.

    Good luck!

  3. Good luck, Ben. Drivers is a great story. I hope you catch somebody's eye!

  4. And you know what? I thought being on sub would be easier, but it totally isn't.
    Good luck - it's a great story :D

  5. On the plus side, I know where you can get a free llama.

    Also, you could spend the wait time developing your talents in other fields, such as poetry, or something.


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