Just nothing.

That's what I've had to say on my blog this week. I tried to write a post about metaphors, similes, analogies, symbolism, and other similar things. But finding the right analogy is like. . .it's like. . .uh. . .

On the bright side, I do know what to write in my book. That's what's important, isn't it? I spend all day writing things that I have to write. I just can't make myself do it in my free time. So I write what I want to write. And that's all I want to write.

How do people blog on a schedule?

p.s. You can tell when I'm not actively working on a draft because I blog more frequently.


  1. Yeah- sometimes I have absolutely nothing to blog about and other days I could go on and on... What's really bad is when I have nothing to blog about and I don't get anywhere with my writing. Like yesterday. That's a bad day.

  2. Sorry to hear that, Melanie. I don't know if not writing anything is better or worse than writing a lot and it turns out to be garbage.

    By the way, I updated the DRIVERS tab with a brand new query, if anyone's interested. It feels like I'm throwing darts with my eyes closed.

  3. I blog on my days off. Sometimes in I'm especially creative, I'll blog more.


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