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In Drivers, said drivers are recruited via the internet. I didn't go into specifics, and I didn't ever do the "research" to find out exactly how this could be done—until this morning. A few people wanted to know more about how the company found suicidal people. I didn't think it was important, and frankly, I was a little uncomfortable with searching for actual people.

As it turns out, it's easier than I thought. A Google search, a result on the first page, and there they are. Some of them want to be contacted, and for various reasons—advice of both kinds, help of both kinds.

I added a few sentences to my book to clarify this, and that's enough. Rest assured that whatever you're looking for online, it's there.


  1. Hey Ben- yikes. That's a scary kind of research. Sometimes we don't want our books to be too close to real life!

  2. Seriously.
    What did we EVER do before the internet??

  3. Kelly, it really surprised me how easy it was—and how easy it would be for my fictional bad guys.

    Jolene, I have no idea. I wonder that all the time. I guess ignorance was bliss?


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