The Best Bookends in the World

I'm not exaggerating. Ever since we moved into our house five years ago, I've needed a set of bookends for my dresser. That's where I keep a bunch of books that I'm reading, intend to read, or think I should read. I've been getting by with one plain metal bookend and a picture-frame/old-trophy combination that sometimes lets the whole line fall over.

My wife, who is not only beautiful but also unbelievably multitalented and infinitely creative, (it's okay for you to feel a little jealous—of either of us,) asked what I wanted for my birthday. This was, like, six months ago because she also plans waaay ahead. One of the things I mentioned was a set of bookends.

A couple weeks before my birthday, she asked what I like. Not the same question, you'll notice. I really had to think about that, and she had to ask follow up questions to get the answer she wanted. But I settled on three things:  books, stars, and bikes.

Forgive me some bragging, but my wife has a lot of talent with the arts. She draws, carves things out of wood with a Dremel, and has recently picked up wood-burning (pyrography). (There are other things, but I'll stop.) She worked for hours to make this gift, and I was amazed when I opened it.

Bookends that look like books about my favorite subjects! Our daughters picked the titles: The Bike and Search for the Stars. Even the inner sides are woodburned and painted. I may have to unscrew the bottoms and switch them around after awhile so I can see the telescope and stars. These aren't the greatest photos, and that one would look better with old hardcovers, but I don't have many of those.



  1. Beautiful! Wow. I like how she made them different heights, so they look more natural. She could make a buttload selling something like this on Etsy, I feel like.

  2. She is smart and talented! I think the pics are great, and I agree with Jaimie - I'd buy a bunch :)

  3. They're gorgeous! Your wife certainly is multitalented. What a thoughtful gift.

  4. Those are UNREAL awesome!!
    LOVE :D


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