In Memory

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Brian’s girlfriend Esha has always been sensitive to feelings, but now she can directly control them. It’s a logical extension of her natural charm, enhanced to something way beyond logical, and powered by the desires of other people—especially Brian. What he wants most though, is to stay with Esha, for nothing to change between them.

Leah can draw power from others too, but the way she does it has led her to the brink of suicide. Esha’s ability to alter emotions saves Leah. She’ll do anything to repay that kindness, even risk using her own talent for remembering not only her past, but also her future.

Leah remembers Esha lying dead, murdered by a desire-powered rival, Peter.

After changing the future she saw, Leah has no idea what’s going to happen next. Just as her misuse of power once destroyed her mind, Peter’s power will destroy his, leaving him unpredictable and dangerous. If Leah uses her power again, she’ll know exactly how to keep Esha safe, but she’ll also lose her sanity.

Brian will do anything to help save the girl he loves, but Leah’s advice seems destined to drive them apart. Is it really necessary to destroy their romance to save Esha’s life?

Brian wants to keep his girlfriend.

Leah wants to keep her sanity.

They both want Esha to live.

In the end they’ll both lose—unless they trust each other.

IN MEMORY is a 78,000 word YA urban fantasy.

Any suggestions? Does it work for you?


  1. I'm a little confused. I'll have to read it again...

  2. I got it. But then, I have read it... I like that as a title, though, if that's what you're thinking.

  3. Yes, a new title. I like it, too, which is a first.


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