The Ballad of You and Me?

The free single of the week on iTunes is The Ballad of You and I. I really like it. Why? Because there are so many songs about attraction, lust, falling in love, and breaking up, and it's really nice to hear a song about STAYING in love. If I were to count the days of my life spent falling in or out of love and compare them to the years I've spent just BEING in love, the ratio would be miniscule. And I'm still young.

Sure, emotional turmoil is fun once in awhile—that's why we have kids. The greatest satisfaction in my life comes from sharing it with someone I love deeply. This song comes closer to capturing that feeling than any other I've heard recently.

And as for the title, it might not be technically correct right now, but it probably will be someday. People are getting into the habit of saying "you and I." If it keeps them from saying "me and you did something," it's well worth it. "The Ballad of I" is much less odious than "me did something."

Anyway, what thinkest thou, about grammar or otherwise?


  1. I thought that was an excellent song. Really enjoyed it, and I wasn't sure why. (I figured it probably had to do with the tonal similarity Melee shares with Coldplay) But you're totally right, it's about actually being and staying in love as opposed to high school drama. What a novel idea! I think the very concept of writing a song about honorable emotions justifies the laps in grammatical judgment.


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