Author Interview: Myself

I've got a special treat for my 12—No! 13! followers: an exclusive interview with an up-and-coming new author. Ben Spendlove (let's call him BS for short) is hard at work on a life-changing new book, but was kind enough to set aside a few minutes to answer our questions.

Imaginary Friends blog (IF):  When did you start writing?

BS:  When I was born. I just saved it all up in my infantile brain until I could actually hold a pencil and learned how to form letters round about kindergarten. Most of what I wrote mentally in those early days is only just coming out,  and that's why my writing is so fresh and original. Much of it doesn't even include actual words, so it looks like white space. But it's very meaningful white space.

IF:  What was your favorite book as a child?


IF:  Very deep. What's your writing process like?

BS:  It's exactly like eating pancakes with maple syrup. If you understand that, then you understand how I write. My process is also a lot like writing a book, but the pancake analogy is closer, I think.

IF:  Who are some of your favorite writers?

BS:  I'm a big fan of fictional authors who haven't actually written anything. Harris Burdick was an early influence. Though I hate to admit it, Anne Shirley might have played a role, too. More recently there's been Alex Rover and Karen Eiffel, whom I especially love because everyone should know the joy of killing off a really good character.

IF:  Dare I ask what your favorite books are?

BS:  The imaginary ones written by my favorite writers, of course.

IF:  Is this a manifestation of your jealousy for real authors who've actually been published?

BS:  This is how I answer that question:

IF:  I see. Where did the idea for your current project originate?

BS:  To borrow a line from a master, it came from "the Icy BLACKness of SPACE!" Ha ha! Seriously, it was more like a parasite that wormed its way into my brain, disrupting neural function in specific areas and forcing me to behave in strange and inhuman ways.

IF:  How does that relate to eating pancakes with maple syrup?

BS:  Clearly you've never eaten pancakes with maple syrup.

IF:  Have you ever eaten a stack of TEN pancakes with maple syrup?

BS:  Why, yes. Yes, I have. Thanks for asking.

IF:  That's amazing. What's the greatest thing about being a writer?

BS:  Interviewing myself on my own blog has been the greatest thing yet. I doubt I'll ever meet a more skillful, insightful, and understanding interviewer.

IF:  Thank you.

BS:  No, thank YOU.

IF:  Spendlove is an interesting name. Were your ancestors prostitutes or something?

BS:  I take back what I said about you. Jerk.

Thanks to Ben Spendlove for his enlightening answers. I'm certainly going to buy multiple copies of his book when it's finally published.

Are you an author? Would you like this blog to interview you? Email us at the address above and to the right! It's a free service we provide. Just started. (We're trying to land an interview with Harris Burdick, but he's still missing.)


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