A Redefinition

I started this blog with the idea that I'd post pieces of writing that weren't good enough to leave in a finished, publishable work—the proverbial darlings that writers kill. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

It doesn't anymore.

For one thing, I'm not sure I want y'all reading bad writing when I know its bad and have already surpassed and/or replaced it with something better. Kind of makes me look worse than I actually am. It's embarrassing.

For another thing, I'd rather just write about what's on my mind. That's what I've actually been doing lately. I want to write about cool things that I discover while researching and thinking about my current and future projects.

For example, I've been reading about witchcraft trials in the early 1300s and the great famine of 1315-16, and I'm wondering about how certain nobility who died in that year actually perished. I've been looking into epi-genetics, parasites, gene modification, and getting in way over my head. I just filmed a demo of a system that gives an immersive view of everything around an unmanned vehicle and includes 3D overlaid information about what the vehicle senses and where it plans to go. (I have a pretty cool day job.) I've been listening to a song by Jets Overhead over and over because it reminds me of The Sense and my own situation. I just got a chapter critique from five people who had five very different takes, and I don't know whose to listen to.

That's at least nine blog posts right there, and they're more interesting to me than writing I've tossed. Maybe I'm just less sentimental. Maybe I'm just more comfortable with throwing pieces away forever, confident that what's coming is only going to get better.

In the end, I hope what I post is also interesting to you. All ten of you. My focus will still be on writing. The topics may seem completely random, but they're all related. See if you can figure out how.


  1. I always love to hear what you have to say. Maybe that's why I married you!

  2. Be like Picard. Listen to everyone then do what you think best.


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