I Should Be Born

Like I've said before, I really love the confluence of music and words. There's a song I recently discovered by a band called Jets Overhead that's just plain addictive, and I want to share the earworm joy. First, let me set the scene that I've been seeing in my head.

In a sprawling abandoned factory complex, a group of people have gathered in the one building with electricity. It's dusk. An orange glow lines the skyline to the west, over a broad brown river. The factory site goes right up to the water, where a concrete dock juts out into the slow current. Behind the occupied building, a single mercury vapor floodlight casts a cold light into the deepening darkness. A person leaves the building, looking for two others who hide in the darkness.

<a href="http://jetsoverhead.bandcamp.com/album/no-nations">I Should Be Born by Jets Overhead</a>

The last verse especially reminds me of Leah and what she faces in that scene, which is the climax of the story.

If you struggle in logic and feeling
Generational gaps are revealing
Don't lose sight of the ones who have loved you
You're only as strong as the love that built you

If you go here you can download the title track of Jets Overhead's last album for free.


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